Excel Level 2, Calgary, AB, Mar 2014

The training is a great help to my current work. I will be able to use and explore more functions on Excel. Thanks for the additional knowledge on financial and business concerns. Great job! Please send me a certificate on this address.


Excel Level 1, Edmonton, AB, Mar 2014

I came into class with no expectations. I know very little about Excel. Jeff was awesome. He was a great answering my questions and helping me figure out where I was going wrong. Jeff was great by making me understand at a no-knowledge level.


Excel Level 1, Calgary, AB, Feb 2014

I enjoyed the course; I think the materials were suited to a basic beginner using Excel 2010. I enjoyed the macro section as well as the graphs. I create multiple types of spreadsheets and bookkeeping items and all the review was applicable to this. I think everyone has different background levels with Excel skillset and Jeff did a really good job explaining each section, he was patient and took the time to answer individual questions. I would like to come back for Level 2 soon. Great intro course for someone in my work or someone who creates or uses spreadsheets on a regular basis.